Inheritance & Estate Taxes

Inheritance and Estate Taxes


Inheritance Taxes

As unpleasant as it is to consider, someday we will all die.  At that time, the IRS and the State are the first in line to take their share of what you’ve worked so hard to get.  Your estate can be taxed at almost 50% at the federal level and then up to 15% by the state.  As much as 65% of what you had planned to leave your family can suddenly disappear!


Whether your estate is several million or several thousand, we know where to look to maximize your deductions and reduce your taxable estate so that your heirs will receive the most they are entitled to under law.


From the initial notifications, to the Estate Inventory, to the completion of all necessary returns, we have the expertise to guide your family through these difficult times.  Our specialists can help your family:


·        Decide which assets to keep and which to liquidate

·        Where to get the best price on any asset sales

·        How to fairly divide assets among your heirs in a manner most beneficial to them

·        Give them advice on how to best manage their inheritance to preserve it and provide the most benefit for them


With the time frames and due dates that accompany inheritance and estate taxes, it’s important that someone is always on top of the situation.  When your family is still reeling from the loss of a loved one, why place this burden on them?


We can make their difficult times more bearable by being there to handle the details while they adjust to their new situation.

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